Questions about life with Mr Snape

Whats your dream job and why you want that job = I like teaching because its my job at the moment but if i wasn’t a teacher i would like to be. A small scale farmer Because i love to grow food and vegetable.

Why do you like music = Because it can affect your mood if your felling a bad mood and you listen to happy song it makes you feel good.

Hows like being an Adult = Because you have a lot of independents but also with that independents there’s a lot of responsibility.

Whats your favourite thing do to = Gardening on my own and relax but with people I like going out with my family for a meal.

Where do you  want to travel when your old = I would like to go to Austria or Germany

Do you like sport and if its yes, why = Yes and because i grew up in soccer because of my culture and where i came from (England).

What do you like about life = Happiness

Why did you become a teacher = I’m a history teacher and i wanted to be one because i enjoyed it and that’s the main reason why i became a history teacher.

What’s your favourite thing about family and kids = I love when my family is laughing and when they make me laugh and when i make them laugh.

3 important things to do in your life = Be a good dad, be a good teacher and be a good Husband.


week 8 challenge

It was a good week. Specially when we had to interview some people outside or take them pictures and record what they are saying. I didn’t really do much work this term because i was new but i don’t know about the students that started before me.

My favourite post was celebrations because we had so much fun while doing that. we had to go outside and ask people for their thoughts like whats they favourite celebration and why. some people said Christmas and others said new year festival, because of presents, hangout and travel with their family.


Celebrations are about the amazing events in our lives. They vary from one country to another. In Australia, we all have our favourite festivals. This time of the year has many celebrations. I decided to find out a bit more about what people really like!



Children Day

Childrens Day is the day for all the children in Mozambique. Its on 1/June. It happens every year. Kids really like it because they get day off from school. They always buy new clothe to celebrate with. They hang with they friends and partners walk around the city, Go to parks and they also get presents from their parents and family.

My last Children day was 2 years ago and i got gifted a bike by my mum. But i was sad that  i couldn’t come with it to australia because of space.

But i have a question for you. Do u think that children day should be a thing in australia ?


Why People listen to music

Yesterday, I was listening to music and my teacher took my phone. I felt bad. So I thought why do so many people like music so much ?

There are many reasons why people like music. I think the most important one is that it makes us feel good and that’s the chemical in our bodies that makes us feel happy while listening to music. The same thing happens when we eat certain foods like chocolate.

And another reason is. It helps many people reudce stress, And it also helps us communicate.